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Christmas BE Haul (Updated w/ links 1/1/11) ♥

Okay I know I’ve been pretty much MIA lately but please forgive me for my absence :). Life has been crazy with Christmas, PLUS after holiday returns and getting ready for our New Year’s Par-tay.
Anywho For Christmas & from BE’s Friends & Family sale I snagged a ton of goodies to share with you beautifuls.
The Haul list includes *drumroll please*:

  • Mini Brush Collection
  • Eyecolor Palette in Plum Perfect pics here
  • Samples of All Wrapped Up colors
  • Sweet Sparklers pics here
  • & More The Merrier pics here
  • Bright Now kit from Sephora (From my lovely MM Secret Santa) pics here

I recieved the eyecolor palette, sweet sparklers, & more the merrier as gifts from my dad and younger sister. Thank you family for listening! (Not that I didnt send them my wishlist with everything I wanted on it hehe)

I will include pictures in subposts which I will link here once I get them up :) and do seperate reviews for each set including swatches.

Stay Beautiful && Kind
Have a Wonderful New Year’s!
-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥ 

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Bright Now Collection (Sephora Beauty Insider Exclusive) :] ♥

Thanks to my amazing Secret Santa on Mineral Madness (MM) I received the Bright Now kit which I had been lusting after since it appeared online :).
It definitely did not disappoint, and believe me I had high expectations.
Here are a bunch of pictures of the packaging as well as the products for your enjoyment ^_^

Hope this enables..I mean “inspires” (hehe) to make a purchase of your own or just to try to dupe the colors

Happy 2010!
Stay Beautiful Stay Healthy
& I wish all of you a great new year filled with tons of love and joy

-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥ 

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Fabulous Eyecolor Palette: Plum Perfect :) ♥

I have got to say this is one of my favorite gifts this season :) for several reasons:
1) The packaging is adorable
2) It’s super portable and has a magnetic closure
3) The colors included and gorgeous
4) And the included instructions make a fabulous look hehe
I took a ton of pictures of everything from the box to the case to the little pamphlet of instructions
Enjoy my dears :)

Eyecolors left to right: Strawberry Mousse, Champagne, Plush Purple, Deep Amethyst Linershadow

Happy New Year to everyone :)
Stay Beautiful Stay Healthy
& I wish you all wonderful opportunities and experiences in the new year
-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥

Leave replies, reblog my posts, “♥” them, and let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more! 

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lokidarklordofall asked: MERRY CHRISTMAS :D
you are awesome (L)

Awww Thank you :D you are awesome toos!
Sorry I’m so late answering it’s been fantastically hectic up in hur lol

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Sweet Sparklers :) ♥

I was really hoping to get this set and thanks to my Dad I did =). I am Officially already madly in love with Pink Prosecco 100% Natural Lipgloss & Sherbet 100% Natural Lipcolor (The light pink shades)
Enjoy the Photography ;3

Lipglosses & Lipcolors from left to right: Rose Crepe, Kir Royale, Sherbet, Pink Prosecco


Happy New Year’s Eve to all!
Stay Beautiful Stay Healthy
-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥

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More The Merrier :) ♥

I got More The Merrier For Christmas from my younger Sister and I’ve been dying to share some pictures with you :)!
Note: Swatches will come with the review which is a separate post
Enjoy The Photos and tell me what you think!

Eyecolor Shades from left to right-
Top: purrfect, magical, delight, cherry coco truffle, aquamarine
Bottom: wild beauty, non-fat candy, luminous topaz, creme de menthe, canary diamond
Blush & Face colors left to right: Gossamer, First Blush blush

Lipglosses Top to Bottom: Praline, Iced Champagne, Sugared Strawberry

As always you are free to photo reply with your own pics of BE, looks with the kit, etc. :D

Happy New Year’s Eve Beautifuls!
Stay Beautiful & Healthy
-Brooke Is Addicted 

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Sephora: Extra 20% off Sale for 1 week only ♥

I got news of this last week and haven’t had the chance to post the info yet unfortunately, with all the Christmas Hectivity (as I like to call it) going on.
So the Deal is this:
Enter code EXTRA at checkout and it shall apply the 20% off to all sale items.
This steal is only available until January 1st 2011 @ 11:59pm PST.
Screenshots are included below :)

Enjoy & Have a great New Year :).

-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥


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BE Holiday How To by Brooke Part II ♥

So I got a request a while ago from my lovely Cousin-Dearest Kaitlyn, she wanted me to make a Holiday How-to look with BE. I’ve been late on getting on it but I FINALLY got to it yesterday, so this post is dedicated to the lovely Kaitlyn Darling (I ♥ you!)
Unfortunately I can’t find the Family Camera and the pictures my cell phone took were horrible quality so as soon as the Camera appears I will recreate this look and take step by step pictures to add. (For now I’m not able to do videos)
So Here it goes, This is part 2 which I decided to do first because I wanted to get the eye look out there first (Part 1 with Prep, Foundation, Contouring, concealing & Mineral Veil application will be posted soon :D)

For this look you will need:
-Eye Bright Eyecolor (from Bright Now kit a Sephora Exclusive available online now)
-Bauble Eyecolor (from All Wrapped Up Eye kit available online and at Boutiques, Sephora, ULTA, and other BE retailers)
-Boost Blush (also from Bright Now kit)
-Clear Radiance*
-Flawless Radiance*
-With A Twist (from Sephora Exclusive Shimmer & Shine kit) or Energy Drink 100% Natural Lipgloss (also from Bright Now kit)
-Eye Primer of your choice
-Well-rested or Bisque of your choosing*
-Big & Bright Eyeliner in Black Coffee (from The Perfect Gift TSV from The Q) or Indigo (from Big, Bright, & Bold)
-Flawless Definition Mascara in Black*
-Flawless Application Face Brush*
-Full-Tapered Shadow Brush*
-Precision Eye Defining Brush
-Smoky V Eye Brush [from Smoky V Tutorial kit] (or any Thin Dome-shaped brush)
-Tapered* or Angled Blush Brush* 

* = Available in open-stock

  • Once you have your foundation applied to your satisfaction and your contouring & Mineral Veil are complete take a Flawless Application Face Brush and a radiance of your choice (I recommend Clear & Flawless Radiances for this look) tap some minerals into the lid (you should have about a pinky nail’s size amount) Swirl your brush into the lid lightly so some of the minerals get tucked into the brush and some stay visible on the tips of the bristles. Using a C motion starting from the apples of your cheeks sweep the first radiance (clear in my case) up your cheekbones to your temples several times on each side.
  • Next we move onto the eyes, Take the eye primer of your choice (I like to mix BE’s Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer with Urban Decay’s Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion) apply it to an index finger and use your other index finger to gently rub it around so it covers both fingertips. Dip one of those fingertips lightly into a jar of Well-Rested, or the Bisque of your choice, and repeat the previous rubbing motion to blend the concealer into the primer (blending these two will cut down on steps as well as hide any lid discoloration or veins). Now apply the eye primer by gently patting your fingertips on your eyelids from lashline to browbone to assure that your eyes stay fresh all day (if it suits you better you can VERY GENTLY spread and rub your eyelid primer instead of patting lol)
  • When your eye primer has been applied wait about a minute or a little less for it to completely set and dry so your eyecolors adhere better (about the time it takes to retrieve the shadows you will be using for your look, open the lids, tap some into each lid, and get your brushes together)
  • Now, take your Full-Tapered Shadow brush and dip it into Eye Bright Eyecolor, then lightly tap off excess into the lid. Apply this color your lids by patting (not swiping too much) from lashline to browbone as well as into the inner corner to brighten up your eyes.
  • Now Take your Precision Eye Defining Brush and dip it into Bauble Eyecolor swirling the brush around in the lid to pick up the right amount of color (tap off excess as usual). With your eyes open, sweep Bauble into the crease using a slight windshield wiper motion from the outer corner to 2/3 into the crease, next close the eye you are working on and gently pat some Bauble onto the very outer part of the lid.
  • Grab your Smoky V Brush (or any thin dome-shaped brush) using the dome-shaped end to apply bauble using circular motions into the crease and slightly above the crease, do this on the outer 1/2 of the crease.
  • Onto the eyeliner lol. Pick up your Big & Bright Eyeliner in Black Coffee (or Indigo for a bigger color pop) and apply close to the lashline (with the liner pencil slanted to the side, not facing your lid head on) on the upper lashline only (this gives a more subtle, sophisticated, and classic look). You can choose to wing out the liner slightly for a bit more drama.
  • To Give eyes the definition and special Bam! apply two coats of Flawless Definition Mascara in Black OR your favorite DEFINING mascara.
  • Finally the eyes are complete, now taking either your Tapered or Angled Blush Brush lightly buff Boost Blush onto the apples of your cheeks.
  • For the perfect angelic glow use Flawless Radiance to highlight the tops of your cheeks bones bringing your brush (any face one you choose) up in a C motion to just above the outer third of your brows.
  • For the finishing touches (aka Lipgloss) make sure your lips are exfoliated and that you have a applied a light coat of lipbalm to help the gloss adhere, then brush either With A Twist 100% Natural Lipgloss (for a Pink opaque and shiny burst of color) or Energy Drink 100% Natural Lipgloss (For a multi-faceted shine of peachy-pink) on to your lips to your satisfaction!

I Really Hope you enjoyed my tutorial, Have Fun This Holiday Season!

-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥

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Sephora: Brightening Primers & More new products ♥

In addition to the additional Buxom Puppies, Sephora has put up place holders for a pretty decent amount of new products (which I will list below). These are not in-stock yet but for most of them you can choose to be notified when they do come into town ;).

Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primers-

Prime Time Original Eyelid Primer in tube-

Tinted Mineral Veil in Mirrored Compact with Buff & Go brush-

Original Mineral Veil in Mirrored Compact with Buff & Go brush-

Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer-

Have fun & Happy BE Holidays!

-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥

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NEW Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow Shades ♥

Heck Yes!
New shades are finally here and gorgeous ones at that.
If you haven’t tried them and are a dog lover you’ve just got to lol. These will be your perfect companion for the holiday season. Curl up by the fireplace with a mirror, the Buxom Stay-There shadow brush and one of these and you will be one ho-ho-happy little elf! (Hint: When you take your kids to see santa pop a squat on his lap and tell him you are dying for some Buxom Puppies!)
On with The Show:
The new shades are…
Cocker Spaniel - opalescent pink
Collie - sparkling champagne
Husky - baby blue
& Sheepdog - frosty white
Check them all out (as well as the already-released shades) at the link below, unfortunately they aren’t in stock yet but you can take a peek and admire their sleek winter coats ;).
click here my dear

Happy Holidays as always!

-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥

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January BE TSV/Auto-Delivery on the Q ♥

I have good news for the those of you who either love the BareMinerals (formerly RareMinerals) skincare line, OR have been hearing rave reviews and want to dive right in to the wonderful madness :).
The News is…*Drumroll*
The info on the January BE TSV on QVC (wow rhyme much, eh?) is out in the open.
It will be an awesome skincare TSV (I believe it is the first one ever ^.^) and will feature a NEW! Moisturizer (in a jar) made specifically for dry skin. Woohoo!
All of you with winter-whipped skin or just dry skin in general rejoice! I am extremely looking forward to trying this new moisturizer and will be reviewing it for you when I do so (an initial review on texture, appearance, scent etc. then a follow-up review with long-term or semi-long-term results).
To check out more details visit the Mineral Madness link below (it’s a public link, no need to be a member)

Happy Holidays!

-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥ 

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New Price Reductions On Holiday 2010 kits (& more) ♥

I have good news for anyone who:
a) Hasn’t Gotten Shimmer & Shine from Sephora and/or Charmed from ULTA
b) Loves them so much they are wanting a second (or third hehe)
or c) Is planning on buying them as gifts

Both of their prices are now reduced to $45 (from $54 previously). This is fantastic for anyone on a budget :). I would suggest you buy these now before they are sold out! I’ve included links below ^_^

Unfortunately Beyond Gorgeous’ price hasn’t been reduced yet (I have a feeling they are waiting until after the F&F sale, which by the way ends today). 

Shimmer & Shine -

Charmed -

Also in Price Decline news! The DeLISH lip palette has been reduced to $15 (from $22 previously)

Hope you all are enjoying the Holidays!

-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥

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Upcoming BE & RareMinerals Deals (Updated 12/09/10) ♥

This is where I will post the upcoming Deals (Friends & Family, Sales, Online Sales, etc.)

12/09/10 -

NEW Specials On BE’s webstore

  • BE has a total of 52 products in their Specials section, all of which are marked down to absolutely fabulous prices. Some of the products included are:
    -Holiday 2009 Jewel Collection $45
    -Holiday 2009 Pure Luxuries $69
    -The Bare & The Beautiful $14.50
    -Precious Gold Beauty Duo $19.50
    -100% Natural Lipcolor Trio $28
    -Holiday 2010 DeLISH 100% Nautral Lipgloss Palette NOW $15

Check out those and even more deals here 

11/29/10 -

BE’s dot com has some good codes to use on purchases :)

  • Code: SHIPFREE
    Get Free shipping on all orders for Monday (Cyber Monday) November 29th 2010 only from 9:00 pm PST Nov. 28th 2010 until 11:59 pm PST Nov. 29th 2010
  • Code: MERRY
    Get $20 off a future purchase when you spend $50


11/22/10 -

Two Items of Interest today :):

  • BE Friends & Family Sale in-store & online starting December 9th through December 12th :) [just got around to posting this lol] I will post the online code when it becomes available to me ^_^
  • Sephora is Having a 20% off Sale on BE Get Started kits in-store & online. I’ve included screenshots below :)


11/01/10 -

30% off RareMinerals Begins today! The deals are available online AND in boutiques [also it should be available at ulta and nordstroms, not sure about sephora] :). I have the link to the sale below, as well as a screenshot of the email I received this morning. Have fun! I will list the items and their prices below the link and screenshot.

-RareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer $19
-RareMinerals Active Triple Treatment Eye Cream $19
-RareMinerals Blemish Therapy $19
-RareMinerals Moisture Burst Facial Mist $12
-RareMinerals Renew & Reveal Facial Cleanser $18
-RareMinerals Skin Revival Treatment (also know as the Night Treatment) $42
-RareMinerals Rare Discovery Kit $35.50
-RareMinerals The Miracle Skincare Collection $65

10/29/10 -

First Order of Business:
There will be a 30% Off sale on RareMinerals Products to celebrate the switch to new packaging and a name change (“RareMinerals” is becoming “BareMinerals Naturally Luminous”) it will be starting November 1st in boutiques, which is this coming Monday so mark your calenders, set your iPhone Alerts etc. ladies!
This info is thanks to Saucey of BareMinerals ♥♥♥
link to her post:

Second Order of Business:
Sephora’s Friends & Family Sale is still going on! So if you haven’t already heard, use the code FF2010 at checkout online to get 20% off your order (and as always get free standard shipping on purchases over $50 after discount :D)

Hugs & Fuggs (aka Fake Uggs)
-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥ 

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BE Friends & Family Sale ♥

Yay! BE’s Friends & Family Sale is finally here :D. You can now get 20% off all BE, Buxom, & md formulations products.
It will be going on from today (December 9th) until December 12th online & in-boutiques :).
Note: This F&F deal is not available at Sephora, ULTA, Nordstroms, Macy’s, or any other BE retailer, Just Freestanding BE Boutiques and the BE website
To redeem this deal online enter the following code into the coupon code slot into your shopping cart: GETLUV
To redeem in-store you must either print-out your F&F email (which I will provide screenshots of below), or bring in the card that you received in the mail. They are going to be much stricter this year, so you will NEED one of the previously mentioned items to be able to receive your 20% off!

& A link to a copy of the email that you can print out and take in store: 

-Brooke Is Addicted ♥♥♥♥